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Hello all!

Boob Tube is rolling out the red carpet for the Oscars! That's right. Oscars are about movies, you say? Yes. Sure. But they're held on TV! And that's OUR DOMAIN!

We don't really want to live blog. That seems like too much work and done... everywhere else.

So we want to have our own awards. Called, as kaytethinks suggested, the Boobies, of course.

I think we should base our awards on the actual broadcast, not the movies. So perhaps we could come up with some categories here and the rest will take place during the actual Oscars during an AIM chat.

For example: The Cuba Gooding Jr. Memorial Boobie for Most Squandered Oscar Goodwill. This year, the Boobie Prize goes to Eddie Murphy. In fact, we're going to go ahead and rename this award in HIS honour. Since, you know, he's already squandered it and he hasn't even won the award.

Resulting hilarity will be posted at boobtube either (checks watch) tonight, or tomorrow morning.

If you aren't normally in on those things and want in, you can seek out any one of us who are normally chatting on AIM.

rockgeisha = La Madone du Roc
jess_d_ripper = verrucosa
kaytethinks = kaytethinks
zooby = johnny fame on

I know this is short notice, so no pressure to take part. I'm not sure what time the Oscars start, and I won't be dropping by until later because I work and I'm on the wrong side of the continent.

Have fun guys!
This is mostly for Amanda and Jessie (and Janelle when I get a chance to ask if she still wants to do this) but I figure it could be useful if we have other new folks writing.

Before you can be a boobtube writer, you need a wordpress account. http://wordpress.com/ That's where you register. Once you have a wordpress account (free!) let me know your username and what email you have used to register so's I can add you and give you posting privileges! And once you've got that, you need to write a blurb for the contributors page. Feel free to peruse what's already there for inspiration.

And here's the address of the actual blog: http://boobtube.wordpress.com/

Should anybody need to contact me, my AIM username is johnny fame on and my MSN is my tanisfowler@hotmail.com email. I believe my current username is "Take a peek inside my DEATH FRIDGE!" but that changes frequently.

Now. There's another part of boob tube I haven't told you about. In order to write for it, you must spend a night in my great, great, great, great grandfather's mansion. And there's a catch: It's haunted. Okay. There was supposed to be scary music there, but I must have forgotten to cue up the tape. Ahem. Carry on.
Hey there, remember me?

I'm posting this to the boob tube cabal because, well, I'll be honest, life, as usual, got in the way. However, I am currently watching them pull an Uma Thurman on Eric Delko on CSI: Miami and he might have brain damage. Yeah. I know. That means he'll be even MORE brain damaged than before. And ohhhhmygawwwwd, Ryan Wolfe, you are just not intimidating in any way! Anyway, it's reminding me why I suggested starting this thing up. Also, Boob Tube's recent vomit onto my friends list (no idea what was up with that. Something with the feed probably) reminded me too.

Talking with Salome and Jess, we kind of decided that the full recap thing just isn't going to work. It's not fair to ask people to sit at a computer for 8+ hours to record every little movement of a crappy show. People who watch these shows aren't going to care about recording all these little details.

Instead, we were thinking that posting blurbs about whatever shows we want to talk about would be a better option. This way, if, say, this week, I catch ER and want to talk about how damn foine Uncle Jesse is, I can. If I want to post about Lost, or the Sopranos on A&E, or Veronica Mars, or what the eff has been up with Scrubs lately, or how I wish Paul Haggis' stupid new show about Irish gangsters in Boston was really about the murders in southern Ontario. I can. I think any TV event, from the cleaning up of the language on the Sopranos on A&E, to the cheesy comic book gimics employed on Heroes and how they actually work in the show's favour, is fair game. Write as much or as little as you want. Write about whatever show you want. We're TV experts for Pete's sake! We can do whatever we want!

So. How do we do such a thing? Do we just.... implement it? I hope I can get a little feedback from you guys. What do you think about this? Should we do it? I think I'd rather be more like the Futon Critic or teevee.org than like televisionwithout pity. It's not that I don't like what they do, but they don't recap the shows we all watch for a reason: They suck and it is boring as hell watching them 14 times over to get exactly what happened. It's one thing to make a post about the music used to evoke a certain period of time on Cold Case and make fun of one or two lines that are ridiculous, or Lily's ridiculously bad hair, but I think Salome will tell you it's quite another to write exactly what happens in every frame of every show. Unless, of course, cutie Kyle Gallner is in the episode. Then it's a pleasure.

And as requested months ago, I'm about to invite thelovehater to join us. You may know her as the6thelement from fametracker or diaryland or Janelle from real life, but she's awesome and funny.

P.S.: I'm really excited about this again! As Cher would say: Eeeeeeee! Project!
So, um, I thought I would leave it until after November Sweeps and we appear to be over that particular hump.

We talked sort of haltingly about doing a "Here's what we think of the season so far" because, let's face it, it's HARD writing recaps.

So would you all mind writing, let's say, max 500 words on the season so far? Shows you like? Shows you have abandoned? Ships you are shipping? Network decisions you agree/disagree with? Cancelled too quick! What?! That's still on!? I can't BELIEVE everybody loves this because it sucks eggs! Best new character. Character you most want to see die a fiery death. Stuff like dat dere. Can I get a show of hands for who's available to do this? I'd like to have it up by the end of the week or so.

I'm hoping this will kind of get us going again. I have been sooooo slacking on my own episodes. I kind of think recapping every single episode of these shows is just not feasible. I mean, CSI: Miami, for example, taxes my brain to the point where I am unable to speak properly. Horatio does the same stupid thing every episode. So I think I'll only recap it when something ridiculously stupid (Gentlemen, we're going to Brazil!) happens. I'm working on a couple episodes of Ghost Whisperer, but same thing here.

I don't want anybody to feel like "Oh, I can't do it! I don't have time!" Sure you do! Don't kill yourself over it! Recapping is a long-ass process and being funny while being forced to watch hideous TV is tough! (But we're all doing remarkably well at that, I think. We're even getting comments not from us!)

Suggestions on how to keep motivated? If somebody else catches an episode of a show that's not their own and wants to poke the recapper gently to say "Oh, God. GOD! No, seriously. Horatio... and the car just... blew up! For no reason! And the sunglasses! AUUUUUGH!" Then feel free to do so here. This way, nobody can see us and we can discuss things amongst ourselves before we committ to writing it up on Boob Tube.
So last night, Salome, Jess and I were chatting after watching Studio 60. And we got a little... hatey. So we all agreed to write about what, exactly, it was about this show making us hate it. My post is up in draft form at boob tube. We're going to post our stuff after editing ourselves a little bit. Check it out.
So I've been remiss in my duties for boob tube lately. Partly because I am so far behind in my recapping of my two shows that I feel like giving up. Surely this is not the answer. It's a lot harder than I expected it to be because I am so anal about recapping every detail. On the one hand, of course I am! This is funny shit and every time I write a line, I feel the need to make a joke about the show! They're soooooo bad, y'all! I'm sure you know that, having recapped on your own.

So I was thinking about maybe doing, like, the Lacey Chabert guest stars eppy of Ghost Whisperer and then, like, a bunch of mini-recaps of all the other episodes (Except for the one that's 90% written as a draft in boobtube anyway) and the same deal with CSI:Miami. I cannot even comprehend how bad that show is. It makes me cringe to have to watch it. I clearly need much, much, much more alchol in my house.

But Jess_d suggested something to me in chat about all of us doing posts seperate from our shows. Like, if we say do a "the season so far" for all of us. What we're watching, what we're not watching, shows we've given up on, reasons we're not watching or are. Sort of a report card for the season so far. How does that sound? Say, 500 words? Or more? Or less?

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?